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Patient Spotlights 

I have seen amazing results in my recovery working with Dr. Ryan and Dr. Christa. I now am getting very close to a full recovery because of their help! I am so grateful for the care I have received at Horizon HealthWorks and so thankful I came here for help!
They are like family and they truly care about their patients and their well-being.  I think they are more excited than me when I progress and am able to do the things I enjoy.  There’s a lot of laughs and celebrations in the office.
She (Dr. Christa) never ceases to amaze me with her talents of knowing just where it hurts, and how to make it not only all better, but to function at its utmost optimum. Her knowledge of the brain and how it works to make the body function is totally unbelievable. If the body were a rocket, Dr. Christa is a rocket scientist! 
Everyone at Horizon Health Works does stellar work. It's such a treat to see a health professional who listens intently and cares so much about their patients. I feel lucky to live in the same town as the Hubbard family and their practice!
Thank you, Dr. Christa, for giving me so much of my life back. I will never forget what you’ve done for me!
Dr. Hubbard and all staff at Horizon, past and present, have helped give me another chance at a healthy life and an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others, as they have impacted mine. I’m inexplicably grateful for them and feel so lucky to have this practice in our community. Thank you, Dr. Christa Hubbard and all Horizon HealthWorks staff!
Since working with Christa, I’ve been able to see a dramatic reduction in pain, as well as more energy during my workday. Not to mention, I feel better in my body than I have in years and have been able to live a more active lifestyle outside of work.
Working with her is pure joy because she is so pleasant, and I always leave better understanding my issues. I feel in control and able to continue improving under her direction. Thank you, Dr. Christa.
I now know that pain is only temporary, and that miracle workers do exist. Thank you to Dr. Christa for being mine!
My biggest takeaway from my time as a patient at Horizon HealthWorks is that I am a complete person, and despite being one of many, I am unique. I am important. My recovery and journey mean something to more than just me. I am always greeted warmly and made to feel important. !
I’m so thankful that I was able to find Dr. Christa she is so amazing and helped me through a very tough time in my life and continues to help me now.!
I feel so grateful to Drs. Christa and Ryan Hubbard and the whole team at Horizon Healthworks. Without them this would not have been possible. 
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