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Practice Policies

The best and most efficient way for us to know if our services may be of benefit to you is to contact our office and communicate with us about your history. After an initial phone or email communication, we may request previous diagnostic testing records or ask that you have some diagnostic procedures performed prior to consideration for care.

Back Pain
Document with Pen
Child Physiotherapy
Physical Therapy


Beginning with detailed and thorough examination procedures, we reveal soft tissue problems such as ligamentous sprain or muscular strain and identify errant muscle recruitment. Customized rehabilitative strategies are developed to enable your neuromuscular synergies to be fine tuned and calibrated most appropriately for personal success.​ Our initial office visits are extensive and in-depth; most new patient encounters are approximately an hour and a half! Did we mention we are detail people? Throughout your time at Horizon HealthWorks, you will be cared for one-on-one by the same provider ensuring consistent care. Treatment plans are customized and innovative, adapting as you improve and develop new goals. During your examination, a series of non-invasive tests will be performed to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Examination tests performed may include: testing of reflexes and coordinated movements, gait analysis, eye movements, movements specific to the individual's everyday life, and more. A thorough examination is necessary to establish a plan that patients can implement into their everyday lives.

New Patient Forms 

Forms are necessary for all consultations and are available via email, fax, or mail. It is imperative that all information sent to you from our office be reviewed carefully. We request that all forms be returned to our office 24 hours prior to your initial examination. This maximizes our time with you and allows us to provide you with the highest level of care.

Medical Records

Medical records from previous physician visits allow us to further understand your past medical history. It is your responsibility to return all relevant medical records to our office along with your forms.

Cancellation Policy

As a result of the overwhelming request for new patient appointments, there is a 7 day cancellation policy. We require verbal or written confirmation 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment. ​

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