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Personalized, Customized and Innovative Recovery Care

At Horizon HealthWorks PC, YOU are the center of your care. YOUR goals dictate treatment.

We work with you to tailor your care plan based on your life and your concern. Our hallmark of care includes a detailed home exercise program based on innovative neuromuscular rehabilitation techniques uniquely and completely customized to your needs. The aim of our individualized approach is to provide effective and efficient care while minimizing repeat appointments.

Wellness Care

Wellness care is encouraged and recommended so that once your primary concerns for treatment are met or if you simply desire to facilitate physical well being, we are able to offer rehabilitative treatments and home programs that evolve with your needs in order to facilitate and maintain overall health and stability.  We are pleased to assist you in enjoying life’s journey with a healthy body. Wellness visits may include in-house treatments and tailoring of your home exercise program as a "tune up."

Horizon HealthWorks PC is your partner in facilitating success in sport performance. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a college athlete, or a student-athlete, we would be pleased to work with you while recovering from any injuries and augmenting sports performance. We are happy to assist you in developing a home based program for sport-specific training unique to your individual needs!

Optimization and Sports Performance Care

Patient Spotlight of the Month
Atte T.

A week later, I was able to return to playing in games which with that timeframe would have been impossible without the help I was able to receive from Horizon HealthWorks

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